Photo Dump: Pouzza Day 2 Part II, May 16th

The Theatre Saint Catherine was alive with the sounds of punk rock on Saturday afternoon, and this was evident through the bands featured in this post.

Not Half Bad, who hailed all the way from Texas, opened up the venue that evening. Further on, London punks Snacks? provided actual snacks. Finally, as seen in the photos, Kitchener band Wayfarer filled the venue with both people and energy.

More photos under the cut


02 Snacks-3


01 Not Half Bad-1

01 Not Half Bad-2

01 Not Half Bad-3

01 Not Half Bad-4

01 Not Half Bad-5

01 Not Half Bad-6 01 Not Half Bad-7

01 Not Half Bad-8

01 Not Half Bad-9

01 Not Half Bad-10


02 Snacks-1

02 Snacks-2

02 Snacks-6

02 Snacks-5

02 Snacks-7

02 Snacks-4

02 Snacks-9

02 Snacks-10

02 Snacks-8


03 Wayfarer-1

03 Wayfarer-8

03 Wayfarer-3

03 Wayfarer-4

03 Wayfarer-6

03 Wayfarer-5

03 Wayfarer-7

03 Wayfarer-9

03 Wayfarer-2

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