Photo Dump: Pouzza Day 2 Part I, May 16th

Saturday at Pouzza opened up with a comedy show. The performance, hosted by Gabe Koury, featured several different performers from around Canada and packed out the patio of the Katacombs venue. In fact, it was so full that there were almost as many people watching from the sidewalk as there were from the seats.

Later, some of the highlights on the outdoor PBR stage included Montreal natives The Beatdown, and of course that night’s headliner, The Planet Smashers.

Rest of the photos are under the cut


03 Planet Smashers-13

01 Comedy show-1

01 Comedy show-2

01 Comedy show-3


02 The Beatdown-1

02 The Beatdown-2

02 The Beatdown-4

02 The Beatdown-5

02 The Beatdown-6

02 The Beatdown-7

02 The Beatdown-8

02 The Beatdown-9

02 The Beatdown-10

02 The Beatdown-11

02 The Beatdown-12

02 The Beatdown-13


03 Planet Smashers-1

03 Planet Smashers-2

03 Planet Smashers-3

03 Planet Smashers-4

03 Planet Smashers-5

03 Planet Smashers-6

03 Planet Smashers-7

03 Planet Smashers-8

03 Planet Smashers-9

03 Planet Smashers-10

03 Planet Smashers-11

03 Planet Smashers-12

03 Planet Smashers-14

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