Photo Dump: Pouzza Day 1 Part II, May 15th

Friday at Pouzza part two!
One of the first bands to play the festival were Montreal’s own Miracles, fresh off a win as Emerging Artist of the Year (French) at last week’s SiriusXM Indie awards. Headlining later that night was singer Joey Cape of Lagwagon fame. Finally, featured in this set, is “Danny and the Havoks,” an early-AFI cover band. They were one of the last bands to close out the night, with the crowd going wild during their enthusiastic and interactive set.

Rest of the photos are under the cut

01 Miracles-8

01 Miracles-1

01 Miracles-2

01 Miracles-3

01 Miracles-4

01 Miracles-5

01 Miracles-6

01 Miracles-7

01 Miracles-9

01 Miracles-10


02 Joey Cape-1

02 Joey Cape-2

02 Joey Cape-3

02 Joey Cape-4

02 Joey Cape-5


03 Danny and the Havoks-1 03 Danny and the Havoks-2 03 Danny and the Havoks-3 03 Danny and the Havoks-4 03 Danny and the Havoks-5 03 Danny and the Havoks-6 03 Danny and the Havoks-7 03 Danny and the Havoks-8 03 Danny and the Havoks-9 03 Danny and the Havoks-10 03 Danny and the Havoks-11 03 Danny and the Havoks-12 03 Danny and the Havoks-13 03 Danny and the Havoks-14 03 Danny and the Havoks-15

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