Photo Dump: Pouzza Day 1 Part I, May 15th

On the first day of Pouzza festival in Montreal, Foufounes was filled with dancers and moshers alike, and of course, some fantastic bands. First in this photo set is PUP, who packed the room and even played a new song about annoying ones girlfriend in an unconventional manner. The night also included Fake Problems, whose hip-shaking tunes had the whole venue dancing, and Teenage Bottlerocket, who quickly turned the dancing into moshing.

Check out the photos below the cut, as well as a video of PUP’s new song!

03 Teenage Bottlerocket-6

01 PUP-1

01 PUP-2

01 PUP-3

01 PUP-4

01 PUP-5

01 PUP-6

01 PUP-7

01 PUP-8

01 PUP-9
01 PUP-10


02 Fake Problems-1

02 Fake Problems-2

02 Fake Problems-3

02 Fake Problems-4

02 Fake Problems-5

02 Fake Problems-6

02 Fake Problems-7

02 Fake Problems-8

02 Fake Problems-9

02 Fake Problems-10__________

03 Teenage Bottlerocket-1

03 Teenage Bottlerocket-2

03 Teenage Bottlerocket-3

03 Teenage Bottlerocket-4

03 Teenage Bottlerocket-5

03 Teenage Bottlerocket-7

03 Teenage Bottlerocket-8

03 Teenage Bottlerocket-9

03 Teenage Bottlerocket-10

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